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Mike Cahill’s new movie Bliss, released through Amazon Prime last Friday, has been received like a plague. Although we no longer throw tomatoes at people, the bashing it has sustained across the internet is surely the virtual equivalent. But despite the nearly unanimous decry the film has gotten, I thought it was brilliant and you should too. Let me tell you why.

In ‘Bliss,’ Owen Wilson and Salma Hayek alternate between two worlds. (CREDIT: Amazon)

On the surface, Bliss is a story about drug addiction. The protagonist, Greg Wittle, is a textbook middle-manager at a call center in Los Angeles. His addiction to painkillers is revealed in the first few minutes of the…

Matt Williams

All thoughts subject to change. My opinions are post-it notes, not tattoos. I revise them daily and encourage you to challenge my ideas without attacking me.

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